About the Idyllion Project

Idyllion is a musical project in which singer-songwriter Frans Hoogenberk writes songs and performs the music with a band. The band cast and instrumentation changes from time to time. It's freewheeling!

Frans Hoogenberk
Frans Hoogenberk
Singer / Songwriter / Arranger
Frans Hoogenberk played the drums and bass guitar in two different pop bands in The Netherlands for several years. But the acoustic guitar turned out to be the most important instrument for him. At the age of 28 he started to write his own songs and ever since writes his own compositions and arranges the accompaniment. In Basel he gained 25 years of band experience, with performances in Germany and Switzerland.
Ulrika Richert
Ulrika Richert is originally from Slovakia. She lives in Freiburg since a few years and is a very talented singer.

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